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Other Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Magic mushroom chocolate bars are chocolate infused with psilocybe, or compounds found in psychedelic mushrooms. These chocolates are one of the few ways to introduce Psilocin into our bodies without having to consume large quantities of dried or liquid mushrooms.

The term “mushrooms” refers to psilocybe mushrooms. These mushrooms contain psychoactive chemicals known as psilocin and psilocybin.

These chocolates are one of the few ways to introduce psilocin into our system. Psychedelic mushrooms are generally considered to be safer than LSD or MDMA because there are fewer side effects.

Before the introduction of edible products, magic mushrooms were consumed orally as tea or eaten in dishes, such as shrooms. In some cultures, it was considered a delicacy.

Brewed as tea, the bitterness of the mushrooms tends to mask the taste, making it easier to drink.

The strong flavor makes it difficult to eat enough to experience a trip. To make matters worse, mushrooms have a bitter or unpleasant taste, and people have been trying to disguise it in many different ways.

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